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FiberGlass Braided Silicone Rubber Sleeving
Specifications: 1.0mm ~ 10.0mm

  Glass fiber silicone rubber casing is made by using high temperature to completely vulcanize silicone and covered it with alkali-free glass fiber, spread a special silicone on it and then dry it with an appropriate temperature. 

Glass fiber silicone rubber casing has a good dielectric strength, and it is high and low temperature-resistant because of the characteristics of glass fiber and silicone. All the above traits make the rubber casing be used in the motors which are in "H" level and special bulbs or household appliances to do a high degree of insulation and protection. 



One types are classified according to the degrees of insulation withstand voltage.

HST-1 : For use high voltage circuits, or H class general insulation.



The standard color is white.  ( But Red、Yellow、Blue and Black are available by special order. )



Total length 1000mm ±20mm. ( Continuous length may be negotiated. )