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P.V.C Extruded Insulation Tube
Specifications: 20 AWG ~ 5/8 AWG


PVC high-voltage insulation casing has uniform thickness and resists voltage perfectly, and its insulation effect works well and will not produce pinhole phenomenon. 

Besides, it is easy to use and is cheap. Therefore, it is widely used in various types of electrical products to act the general insulation protection.

This product is suitable for general motors, transformers, refrigerators, capacitors and wire.



The standard color is Black and Clear.  (But Red、Yellow、Blue …  Are available by special order. )



Two types are classified according to the degrees of insulation withstand voltage.

CFT-300  : For use 300V voltage circuits.

CFT-600  : For use 600V voltage circuits.



Total length 1000mm ±20mm. ( Continuous length may be negotiated )