Heat Treatment Fiberglass Tube
Specifications: 1.0mm ~ 12.0mm
Description: Heat-Treatment Fiberglass Tubing


Heat-Treatment Fiberglass Tubing

Heat treatment fiberglass tube was braided by non-alkaline glass fiber, After that being impregnated with specially formulated chemicals and then being formed under a proper temperature. which is heat treated and saturated to prevent end fray and increase ease of handling.

This product was braided by non-alkaline glass fiber, Due to unique heat-resistance Especially the excellent insulating protection can be exhibited under high temperature conditions.

Heat Treatment Fiberglass Tube was developed to meet end fray resistance needs of most assembly operations and for high temperature applications where ordinary film varnish and impregnates cannot be used. If subsequent service or accidental temperatures exceed 300°C, the saturated will gradually volatize without toxic or excessive fumes or smoke.

Our product is used extensively in wire hardness assemblies where its flexibility and ease of expansion over irregular terminals and groups of wires makes application easy.

It is also used as supplementary insulation on HPN type heater cord leads to protect the primary insulation from mechanical damage and thermal degradation.

Therefore, our products can be applied for special electric machinery and for the wiring of heating system.



The standard color is Natural.  ( Other colors please consult factory )

NOTE :  Color tone may vary. This does not affect technical properties of sleeve.


   Withstands normal assembly handling, cut-through and mechanical stress without

        loss of insulating capability.

   Excellent fray resistance.

   Excellent low temperature flexibility


There is one model according to the degrees of temperature.

GS : For high temperature use.


Total length 1000mm ±20mm. (Continuous length may be negotiated)

Cutting feature

When the tubing is cut, the crosscut will not get loose, but remain smooth.






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